sábado, 11 de setembro de 2010

Custom BBQ Grills - Churrasqueiras Iradas

custom_bbq_grills_10 custom_bbq_grills_1 custom_bbq_grills_2 custom_bbq_grills_3 custom_bbq_grills_4 custom_bbq_grills_5 custom_bbq_grills_6 custom_bbq_grills_7 custom_bbq_grills_8 custom_bbq_grills_9

Um comentário:

  1. Whoa, these customized grills are tremendously awesome!!! My brother and I are planning to make a grilling deck out of my Beetle front bumper, too. Our inspiration is that Classic Holden Monzaro GTS Grill. Oh, wish us luck!